Scar tissue that I wish you saw

7 February
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Let's tap your heart so we can paint the walls
and see if anybody likes the tone or the pain.
The hungry eyes waiting for life flash, now they're gonna see it.
Open your veins so we can make a pool and bathe
and see if anyone complains of the stain.
Let's strip you down so we can see your old scars.
Now you're gonna feel it.
Show me how to shine now.
Have you ever turned to dust?
I saw an insect learn to fly; its form was scorned.
Have you ever seen the kingdom of the flys?
I saw it stay in sovereignty.
Have you lost the sense of touch?
Have you ever turned to dust?
Let's lift you up so we can see how fast
you fall. We always thought that you could fly; now you'll crawl.
The lack of loyalty you thought you once felt, now you're
gonna feel it. Now show me how to shine.

So. Me then =P
18, from England, multi-coloured eyes and brown hair. Neurotic, psychotic and frequently chaotic. My music tastes range from classical (particularly Tchaikovsky and Bach) to pop (occasionally), rock (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Manic Street Preachers), soft-rock (John Frusciante, HIM), industrial (Rammstein, Dope Stars Inc) and metal (metallica)
I play the violin and am a self-professed chemistry geek, possibly the only person I know to get excited about organic compounds. Going to uni next year to study pharmacy, grades providing, and will be damn glad to go.

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