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So. Tis done. I think I have made the right decision, though I'm crap at making up my mind, when I wrote out a list of pros and cons Bath came out better by about 4 pros, and big ones at that. More friendly, smaller groups...year abroad...aseptic lab (only 'learning' aseptic lab in Britain).

Ho hum. I can get on and fill out my finance form thingy now...
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Really hated sending my decision to UCAS, even though I knew I really wanted to go to Sheffield! I'm sure you made the right decision... and even if it wasn't, you'll have a great time anyway! :-)

Lol, looking at that form is getting me all nostalgic... the hours of pressing 'Refresh' every 10 mins! I don't wanna leave uni! :-(
Ahh, the fun of UCAS, the amusement of seeing the look on Mrs McCourt's face when a girl decided to apply 2 days before the deadline :D Bless her, she's not the most calm of the teachers in the first place...
Well done you! Now go enjoy it!!!
Yuss! Go enjoy it! And thank whichever deity exists that I'm not your college parent. Muhahahaha. Mine and Craig's college kids are so not going to remember fresher's week...
Aww, you'd make an awesome college parent :P
But scaring ickle wee freshies is your duty as an established student!
Indeed. I believe this college parenting system is intended such that we're more focused, i.e. rather than inflict a small amount of fear upon several ickle firsties, we inflict shear terror upon one or two. I really don't think it's coincidence that your college kid is the opposite sex of you, either...

Craig is not on brilliant terms with his college family on account of last time getting hideously trollied, telling everyone else their poetry is shite, declaring himself better than Shakespeare and collapsing, i.e. "You're shit! You're shit! YOU're shit! I'm better than fucking Shakespeare *thunk*"
Eeep! Should check UCAS...ta for the remindering entry :D